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Why Invest in Oil & Gas?

Why should I consider Investing in Oil & Gas vs. other investment alternatives? (5:05 Run Time). Learn how your can potentially earn high returns with many tax advantages by investing in oil & gas.
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Why Direct Participation?

Why should I invest in direct participation deals vs. buying stock in large public energy companies like Exxon/Mobil or Conoco/Phillips, etc? (11:15 Run Time). Learn more about the advantages in investing in direct participation programs
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Is it risky to invest?

Is it risky to invest in direct participation programs and what do I stand to lose? (6:00 Run Time) Learn about the risks associated with direct participation deals.
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How do you calculate net income?

How is the Net Income from my investment calculated? (4:25 Run Time) Learn about revenue and expenses and how your Net Income is calculated.
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How often do I get paid?

How often do I get paid when I invest in a direct participation deal? (0:54 Run Time) Learn about the income and expense pipeline to understand the payment time-line.
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When should I see income?

What is the time frame between writing a check, becoming an investor, and when I might see income from production? (4:34 Run Time) Learn about the funding and drilling time-line.
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How do you find oil & gas?

Where do you find oil and gas? (25:09 Run Time) Learn from geologists where oil & gas is created within the earth, where it is stored underground, and how we can locate these reservoirs.
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What is well spacing?

Why is well spacing important to understand? (5:50 Run Time) Learn about pay zones and reservoir properties that affect oil & gas field drainage and how these variables factor into the optimum spacing between wells.
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How do you get a well into production?

What does it take to to get a well into production? (22.56 Run Time) Learn about all the steps that take place to take a farmer\'s field, get a well drilled, and producing begin oil & gas.
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What can go wrong?

What can go wrong during the drilling and production phases? (5:30 Run Time) Learn what kinds of things can go wrong during the drill and subsequent production phases and and how it could affect your investment.
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What happens to my investment?

How is my investment allocated and what affect does this have on my taxes? (4:06 Run Time) Learn how to read an Authorization for Expenditures (AFE) to see how your investment is allocated and its affect on your taxes.
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What is NRI and WI?

What is a Net Revenue Interest (NRI) vs a Working Interest (WI) and how are these interest percentages used to compute my Net Income? (6:11 Run Time) Learn the difference between Net Revenue (revenue entitlement) and Working Interest (expense obligation) and see how net income is calculated.
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What is project level risk?

Are there varying degrees of risk within direct participation projects? (9:14 Run Time) Learn the difference between wildcat and developmental wells and gauge the risk and potential rewards of different project types.
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What are the long term production expecations?

How long and how fast does a well produce oil and or gas? (4:52 Run Time) Learn how reservoir characteristics affect the production volume and rate of recovery.
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What is secondary recovery?

What is secondary or enhanced oil recovery? (2:49 Run Time) Learn about the different types of secondary recovery methods and how they can recover vast amounts of oil and gas still trapped after primary recovery is depleted.
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What are the tax benefits?

What are the ongoing production-related tax advantages of investing in direct participation programs? (13:06 Run Time) Learn from CPAs and Investors the different deductions available to offset not only production income but other sources of income as well.
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Can I sell my interest later?

What is the liquidity of a direct participation investment? (1:49 Run Time) Learn what options you potentially have if you wish to convert your cash flow annuity to cash today.
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What\'s in all these documents?

What are the typical documents I will see and what do they convey about the project? (4:44 Run Time) Learn what is included in and what salient information a savvy investor must understand in each of the many documents presented to him as part of a private placement offering.
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Do I have personal liability?

Is there any personal or contingent liability I may have as an investor when I invest in a direct participation program? (1:26 Run Time) Learn about the various liability protection levels involved in direct participation programs.
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How do I analyze an offering?

How can I determine the potential value or return of an offering? (8:00 Run Time) Learn how to calculate income potential and weigh the risk of an offering to make a go or no-go investment decision.
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